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WAT makes a difference - AUBG special offer

Work and Travel USA 11/09/2012 Цветелина Христова


Get the exclusive AUBG Work and Travel 2013 offer just $399 for your next summer + $100 in extras! Visit Orange in Blagoevgrad before 30 SEP to learn how to get the lowest WAT price for this season.

WAT makes a difference

Lowest price

Get the lowest price possible, no hidden fees, no additional charges. Guaranteed.

Flexible payment plans

Studying in AUBG is prestigious but can be pricy, so we let you pay your program in two, three or more installments. We are also the only ones who let you exchange your 2012 Tax Refund for your 2013 WAT even before you receive it.

Great Jobs

Choosing the right employer is probably the most important decision you’ll have to make, especially if you are about to enroll in the program for the first time. And after 12 years of consulting WAT students we can say we have some of the best employers - form the resorts on Cape Cod, Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard like Sea Crest, Ocean Edge, Wequassett, to Hard Rock Cafés across USA, Hyatt, Princess Tours in Alaska and many more. All these places guarantee placement with friends and are in regions packed with second job opportunities.

Meet your employer

Choose from four in person and numerous online hiring events which you can take advantage of at no additional cost

Best travel deal

Not only do we get you a special Work and Travel deal on your travel but our consultants will help you get the best of your travel be it layover in Europe or a getaway in USA on the road back.

Orange Travel Guard

Planes can change but you don’t have to pay for that. We are the only agency that will give you the freedom to cancel your program even after you received a visa, without paying any penalties, not even a dime!

Enroll in Work and Travel 2013

Stop by Orange and learn how to get the best deal for your WAT summer. And don’t forget to grab a copy of our special free WAT magazine to get a glimpse of the great jobs you can be working next summer, how to get them and more.