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How to finance your program

Work and Travel USA is a huge investment and we know that. That is why we have created several ways for you to finance your program.


Program optionSign until March 31st, 2017Orange FinancingFlexible installments


You have your own job offer


PAY AFTER you return in Sept.2017

- No bank credits

- No complicated documents

Pay in two or more installments

Premium Placement

You select one of our great Job Offers


PAY AFTER you return in Sept.2017

- No bank credits

- No complicated documents

Pay in two or more installments

    *If you have participated in the program with us before, visit your Orange office for a special WAT price!

Exclusive Orange Financing

We are the only agency that gives you the chance to PAY for your program AFTER you come back - until the end of September 2016. For the fourth consecutive year we can offer this service thanks to the great support of our US sponsor orgaznization Intrax. This financing option gives you the chance to escape the clumsy bank requirements and procedures - you do not have to pay additional fees or look for guarantees.

If you want to use Orange Financing you have to:

  • Be a first time Work and Travel participant;
  • Up to 23 years old until the date of your departure;
  • Be at your Freshmen, Sophomore or Junior year of study;
  • Have an excellent command of the English language.

We have a certain quota that we can cover with this financing option, so if you are interested in it visit the closest Orange office and sign in.

Orange Guards

Secure your investment, use one of our exclusive guards - Visa Guard, Travel Guard and Price Guard.

Included in the price

Signing in with Orange you get:

  • Low fixed program price;
  • Fast issuance of your DS2019 (your work permit) which you will need to apply for your J1 visa;
  • Numerous Job Offers to choose from; different locations and proven employers (if you are enrolled in the Premium Placement option);
  • Various ways to select a job offer - you can visit one of the personal meetings with the employers at one of our Job Fairs or to apply for your job offer on-line through a Skype interview (if you are enrolled in the Premium Placement option);
  • Medical insurance covering your full working period, provided by our partner and a leader in the insurance sphere UNIQA Life;
  • Flexible ways to pay for your program;
  • Preliminary Visa Orientation, which will prepare you for your visa interview;
  • Dealing with all the documents needed for the program;
  • Organizing your trip to USA - as a licensed IATA agency and due to our special contracts with most of the airline companies, Orange can offer the lowest possible airfare prices;
  • Helpful guides, which provide valuable information for your stay in the USA - Orange WAT a Guide and Intrax Participant Handbook;
  • 24-hour free assistance line while you are in the States;
  • Personal on-line profiles, which contain all the important information about your program.

Other expenses

Your program fee does not include:

  •  Visa Interview fee in the amount of $160;
  •  SEVIS fee in the amount of $35;
  •  Airplane ticket;
  •  Pocket money;

Tax ReCycle

You have participated in the program and you know it's worth it. Use Tax Recycle and pay for your next program with your Tax Return from the previous summer. You do not have to wait to receive your refund, just visit your Orange office and bring your last paychecks so that we can make the calculations for you.

With tax recycle you:

  • Pay nothing upfront;
  • Do not spend your savings;
  • Can sign in the program at the beginning of the season in September at the lowest possible prices.

If you have a surplus from your taxes you can use it to pay for your airplane ticket or to receive it in your bank account. Tax Recycle is for everybody - even if you have not participated in the program with us before, you can still use this service!

We have neither registration fees, nor additonal fees for visiting our Job Fairs.

*Restrictions may apply