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Our consultancy service

Educational counseling is a service globally developed since the middle of last century. There is an increasing variety of degree programs, universities and their specific admission requirements that each candidate faces. This new information and procedures can be confusing and discouraging.

Professional educational consultants work personally with each candidate, helping him to identify universities that best meet his unique needs, guide him and assist him in every step of the application process.

The consultant can help you and your family with:

Planning of educational and extracurricular activities. The consultant can help the applicant to choose appropriate elective classes, extracurricular activities and language preparation, which meet the requirements of the desired university or educational destination.

Assessment of candidate student profile. Although no one is able to guarantee admission to certain university, the educational consultant is the one who can help you identify your strengths.

Selection of universities. The educational consultant can most effectively contribute to the choice of a university that best suits your needs, interests, personality and academic profile.

Entrance exams and language certificates. Professional educational consultant can answer questions about which language certificates are most appropriate, how to prepare effectively, whether there are additional examinations required, when and where take them.

Application documents, personal statements/letters of motivation and recommendations. Consultant works individually with each candidate so as to build a realistic schedule and strategy for the preparation of all necessary documents and to meet deadlines.

Major and career. Prospective students can receive guidance and valuable advice on various subjects and future career options, to which these courses lead, as well as information about which universities offer the best programs in the desired field.

Funding and scholarships. Many applicants and their families are worried about how they will cope with the costs of education. Professional educational consultants can help a lot in this matter and introduce you to funding opportunities and scholarships of various universities and countries.

Responsible attitude of experts so that the candidate can focus primarily on the learning process, and his family to be assured that the application process runs smoothly and timely.