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Business program in the US

The Business Internship and Business Career training programs in the US give you the unique opportunity to gain valuable experience in your area of education and/or area of occupation.

As a trainee with Business Internship USA and Business Career Training USA you can:

    • develop your knowledge and gain practical skills in your area of education and/or area of interest;
    • live and work in the US for up to 18 months;
    • to have a close look on the US business model and practices;
    • to gain valuable profesioonal experience and start building your career;
    • to enrich and develop your education and knowledge in your area of interest;

Do not forget that the area of training that you choose must be in a direct connection with your area of education OR with your area of occupation.


As a participant in Business Internship/Career Training program, you may receive a payment as a stipend. A stipend is a form of salary for 3+ months long programs, such as compensation for food or transportation costs. It is not cash, but more like a discount.

When considering a training offer, you will receive information whether it is paid or not paid.

In case you qualify to take part in such program, do not hesitate to contact Orange for the details.