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Internship and Career training

Стаж в американска компания

Why with Orange

We have experience

Internship USA and Career Training USA become more and more popular every year. The number of students and recently graduated professionals increases, more people consider participating in such programs as an excellent opportunity for their career start or to enrich their CV by gaining international training. Thanks to the experience we have with the program, we manage to provide all candidates with excellent job offers and prepare them well for their training in the US.

Variety of job offers

Thanks to the successful partnership with American sponsoring organizations, we can provide our candidates with variety of training job positions for both program categories: Business и Hospitality & Tourism.

Price and duration

DurationSelf-Arranged PlacementPremium Placement
6 months $1199 $2790
12 months $1499 $3480
18 months (Career Training only)




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Clues for a successful training program

If you have decided to participate in an intership or career training program, you may find the below listed clues usesful:

  • How to choose the training program field:
    • Internship and career training programs are directed in gaining work experience ad the area of education OR the area where you have already gained some work experience. Think well how exactly your training will look like. The more specific you are, the better training program you will be offered;;
    • Spending some time in creating a detailed and well-structured CV and video resume is crucial when participating in such programs. Do not forget that you are in a direct competition with other candidates from all over the worked. You are invited for a Skype interview only after your resume have been prescreened and selected by a potential employer;
  • After you have arrived in the US: Take the best from the opportunity tha you've been given. Be curious, diligent and independent. Make use of your new acquaintances, create a profile in and learn more about your co-workers. Do not forget to ask your employer for a Letter of recommendation, before you finich your program. You may find it useful when applying for a job afterwards.
  • Have fun! Do not forget to have fun and to get to know the city where you are. The Americans are very friendly and they will be happy to show you around. You may organize a Bulgarian party and invite all of them.