Why did you participate in the program?
Since the time I found out about the program, which was all the way back in high school, I always saw it as a wonderful opportunity to visit the US, participate in cultural exchange, get working experience, as well as, make some money to help finance my tuition.

How did you choose your employer and why did you choose exactly that employer?
I found my employer through the agency. My choice was based mainly on the location. I have been to Wisconsin as an exchange student in high school and had a wonderful experience; therefore I picked Wisconsin Dells, WI.

What was your position? Was it difficult?
I worked as a receptionist, as well as, at the front desk in the hotel. The position was not difficult but very interesting and, moreover, a great job experience for a future business administrator.

Did you have a second job? How did you find it?
I did have a second job. I found it just by going and applying to different places; Wisconsin Dells is definitely a tourist center and there are a lot of job opportunities there.

Where did you live? How do you find the conditions of your housing?
My housing was provided by my primary employer, Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park. The condition of the housing was good, as well as, the price was acceptable.

Do you have an interesting story from the summer that you want to share?
I don’t have a particular moment to pick. However, as a whole, throughout this summer I had a great opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people and learn more about the US, as well as, many other places around the world.

Did you travel somewhere after the program? Where?
Before my departure, I had an opportunity to visit Chicago.

Would you recommend your employer to other students?
I would definitely recommend this employer to other students. The job is quite interesting, as well as, managers are very friendly and helpful.

Are you going to participate in the program again?
Absolutely :)

Rate our service - how did we organize your travel as a whole?
I think Orange did a great job on organizing my trip. The biggest thing for me was fast communication, I always got response to any of my emails in a 24 hour period with legitimate answers and advices.

...I had a great opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people and learn more about US...
Юлия Завадская