I decided to participate in the program because I enjoy travelling and meeting people from different countries. My university (AUBG) has a diverse population so I thought the United States would have even more representatives of different cultures. Also, work and travel program was a chance for me to earn enough money to pay the tuition for the university and not make my parents worry about it.

I did not want to go to East Coast or somewhere where everyone from AUBG went. So, I decided to go somewhere different. I googled Wisconsin and it seemed like a really nice state so I went to the interview for Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. The choice was easy – I love Greek mythology. So, I got the ticket sales position but when I actually got to the spot the manager gave me a chance to have an interview for a receptionist position. This is how I ended working as a front desk receptionist. The job was emotionally difficult – dealing with customers is not as easy as it may seem to be. Also, at first there were some physical difficulties. I mean, your body has to get used to standing the whole shift without a chance to sit down except for your break time.

I managed to find a second job as a hostess at Applebee’s. It was pretty easy: I just walked in and as soon as they did not have many employees by that time, I got a job. I lived on housing that Mt. Olympus provided us with. It was a really nice place though I did not spend a lot of time there because of work.

I have a lot of interesting stories from the summer. I met a lot of amazing people and enjoyed both of my jobs. I joined a volleyball team and played on a court every week. I was the only international person there. I went on scary rollercoasters and waterslides. I did the things I do not have access to where I live. It was incredible.

I did not travel after the program because I had to go straight to the university after the end of my contract with Mt. Olympus but I do not regret it. I had a really great time working there and I definitely will recommend this employer to other work and travel participants. I am definitely coming back next summer. Orange did a great job organizing my trip so I did not have to worry about anything considering documents and stuff which I am not really good at. So, a great thank you to Orange, to my employers and I cannot wait but looking forward for my next summer in Wisconsin Dells, WI!

I did the things I do not have access to where I live. It was incredible.
Анна Башук