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WAT with Orange

15 years of experience – since 2000 we make dreams come true. We are happy to say that our customers became our friends and all of them are part of Orange history.

Orange Financing – this is not a bank credit. It's an exclusive service provided by Orange! Together with our partners from Intrax we give our students a chance to pay for their program when they come back in September 2016.

Unlimited job interviews with no fee – it's free to attend any of our fairs until you are hired! This guarantees that you can find the best job offer and you won't be charged about it.

Full refunds – in case of visa denial we will pay you back your program fee and your airplane ticket with no additional fees.

Program cancellation at any time – with Travel Guard you can cancel your program a day before your flight and you won't lose even a penny.

Visa Interview Fee Refund - Visa Guard is a unique Orange service that offers 100% of the program fees plus your visa interview fee back in case of visa denial.

Payment installments - you can pay for your program at as many installments as you want without any additional fees.

All at one place – you will have your personal accounts at Orange and Intrax websites so that you can have the whole information you need anytime you need it.

Best prices for airplane tickets – when you buy your airplane ticket from Orange you get: full refund in case of visa denial; return date change free of charge; possible departure airport change; stopovers in Europe.

Full support – you will receive full support from the date you sign in until the day you come back in Bulgaria. We will prepare and check every document you need,  help you prepare for you job interview and support you during the whole process of your visa application. And, of course, without any additional fees.

Safe job offers – we visit our students in the USA every summer, to make sure that you are working under the promised conditions and that the employer is safe and secure;  

Answers of all your questions – our experienced Work and Travel consultants will answer to all the questions you may have.

That's who we are – our love and passion about Work and Travel and the thousands of happy students give us the confidence that we are YOUR agency!