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Application documents

Program requirements

If you want to participate in Work and Travel USA, you have to be:

  • A full time student in an accredited university;
  • To be between 18 and 28 years old;
  • To speak English at good or excellent level;
  • To be open for new adventures and experiences.

Application process

For your ease look at the five easy steps that briefly describe the application process of the program.

1. Complete an on-line registration and sign a contract

Your program begins with an easy on-line registration that you can compete at home or in your Orange office. After you complete the registration, you can sign a contact with us. The contract is very detailed and explains the legal rights and obligations of Orange, the participant and the US sponsor. If you wish, you can take that contract at home, discuss it with your parents or friends, and then sign it.

Necesary documents:

    • Copy of your international passport;
    • Copies of your previous US visas (in case you have such);
    • Certificate of enrollment for the year 2015/2016 - you can take this from the Register's office;
    • Copy of your student book - in case you have one;
    • Copy of your Job Offer - in case you are enrolled in the Self-Arranged option, you can use the job offer form of our partner organization Intrax.

It is importnat to know that we can make copies of the documents in our office as well and that you can sign your contract even without having all the documents at the time of the registration.


2. First installment

Your next step is paying the first installment. No matter how you have chosen to finance your program, you pay all installments through bank transfers, not in our offices. We are flexible and you are free to pay the program in two, three or more installments.


3. Get a Job Offer

If you participate in the Self Arranged program option now is the time to present it to us. We will forward your Job Offer together with all the other necessary documents to our sponsor organization Intrax and all you will have to do is to wait for your work permit to be issued.

If you participate in the Premium Placement program option, you can get a Job Offer in one of the following ways:

    • Job Fair - personal meeting with your future manager or other representatives of an American company. This is the best way to prove how good your English is, to ask the questions that you want and meet your future employer face to face. We will organize at least 4 in person events between December 2015 and March 2016 and you can attend each one at no additional cost;
    • Skype Fair - if you do not want to travel to Sofia you can "meet" your employer on skype in our office. We will  organize numerous Skype events during the season and you will be notified in advance about the date and time that they will be held;

Keep in mind that you can rely on our consultants - all of them are former WAT participants who know the program very well. If you feel lost in the variety of job offers and cannot decide what is best for you - Maine or Massachusetts, Florida or Alaska, Wisconsin Dells or York, work in an adventure park or in a hotel, Skype Fair or Job Fair, feel free to ask your Orange consultant for an advice.


4. Book your airplane ticket

After you have received a job offer and you know your destination, it is time to plan your trip and book an airplane ticket. The sooner you do it, the better price you will get.

Visa application

Small but important part of step 4 plays your visa application process. Sounds scary after so many months of planning and hoping, the time for visa application has come.

At this step we organize the so called “Preliminary Visa orientation” where we assist you with the visa application and all documents you need to prepare for a successful visa interview. The rest is on you, and your huge smile!


5.Travel to the US

You got the visa, congratulations! All that’s left is to get our „goodbye package”, our wishes for an amazing summer, and your journey can begin!