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How to apply in Internship or Career Training program

In  order to apply in Internship USA or Career Training USA programs, you have to provide us with:

  • Resume (CV, American style);
  • A copy of your international passport (the passport's expiration date must be AFTER the end date of your program);
  • 1 copy of previous US visas (if any);

Additional information that you need to provide us with:

  • What would you like to be the duration of your program?
  • Do you have any special preferences about a city/state/specific company? (please note that lower requirements about a city/state/specific employer you have, the faster your job search will be processed. Be flexible.)

After we have received all above-mentioned documents from you, we will confirm your eligibility to take part in such program. What follows after that stage, is:

  1. Signing a contract with Orange;

  2. Forwarding your Resume to our American partners

    2.1. After they have received it, they will also confirm your eligibility to participate in Internship USA/Career Training USA program. In case our partners assess that your profile matches the requirements of their host companies, they will forward your resume to them;

    2.2. In case our partners assess that your profile does NOT match the requirements of their host companies, they will inform us about that, and we will let you know;

3. Scheduling Skype interview with a company that is interested in offering you a training program with them;

4. After a successful Skype interview, we will receive a detailed description of your training program by phases, called Training plan. What follows is a visa application for obtaining J-1 visa.